Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rich Women and Powerful Men

We haven’t heard too much about in the news lately. Yes he was former . However he made his name in the as a professional soldier. He achieved the rank of General and .

Some notable events during his tour of duty as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff includes the First Persian Gulf War. Mr. Powell was involved in the decision to invade Iraq for the . He is famous for going to the to attempt to get their buyin for the invasion of Iraq.

We all know that his son served served as Chairman of the .

So what has Colin Powell been up to lately. It’s been pretty quiet. He been working behind the scenes quite a bit. Apparently, Mr. Powell has taken an interest in the world of Venture Capitalism. Colin is a .

Colin is on the board of directors for a private venture capitalist firm headed by Steve Case. It’s called . The VC focuses on the health care industry.

Not everything is rosy for Mr. Powell. There are many people out to criticized him. For example, in this article his is called a . So what is your take. I would definitely like to hear your feedback.

Rich Women and Powerful Men

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