Monday, November 19, 2007

How to Maximize Marketing for Insurance Agents

Hi Samuel here. I was talking to my sister the other day. She has been in the insurance business for years. One of the most difficult task is getting the word out. You want to tell everyone that you provide a service to provide quality insurance. At first you do word of mouth advertising, but that only goes so far. Next you try, putting an ad in the paper. You quickly realize, you are paying an arm and a leg for the ad space and there aren’t that many referrals you get from the ads. Basically, your conversion rates sucks. Anyway she was telling me about this problem. I really wanted to help her out. I don’t want to see her kids not being fed.

I started doing some searches on the Internet, and came across a type of service called . It’s a professional service that helps insurance agents market their products, and themselves as upstanding, reputable insurance agents in their community. This is achieved by providing insurance agents will high quality leads. With high quality leads, insurance agents that sale life insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance have performed miracles.

After I did some research, and read some great reviews about Insurance Marketing, I told my sister to sign up at . They are the leading insurance marketing services provider that provide quality real time insurance leads.

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